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"Solar Home went the distance and then some. Our 66 panel system was priced to be competitive and yields a 12.5 % annual return on our investment.

That is better than our sorry "Wall Street" 401k has done in the last 10years....

It added value to our home for a fraction of the cost, thanks to the governments tax credits and local rebates, and it just feels good to just watch the electric meter run backwards."
Bruce J.
Fremont, California

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Important Update!

As of March 20th 2012 prices for purchasing a residential solar power systems have dropped to such a low level (As low as $1.66 a watt before incentives for an average sized 5kW grid tie solar system) that we are no longer recommending a zero down solar offer or any type of solar leasing program for that matter.

In many areas of the U.S., when combining the 30% federal tax credit with available cash rebates, the return on investment on a purchased system can be well under 6 months. In some areas of the country, prices for a purchased system have dropped so low and financial incentives are so high that it is actually possible for a solar system to pay itself off  in under 30 days.

In light of today's much lower pricing, in our opinion which is backed by over 14 years of serving the solar industry, a solar lease of any type makes absolutely no sense in today's market.

Before you lock up your home with up to a 20 year zero down solar offer contract, do yourself a huge financial favor and give us a call or better yet fill out our online free solar quote form. We promise that you'll be pleasantly surprised a how affordable the dream of a solar reality can be when you buy intead of lease from Solar Home.

We want to help you to go solar for thousands less!